When “hypnosis” is mentioned, most people tend to think of stage hypnosis. This is the popular stage performance during which a hypnotist chooses seemingly random people, sends them to sleep, and then makes them do hilarious (and kind of mean) tricks for laughs.

As entertaining as stage hypnosis may be, it has little to do with hypnosis as a therapy.

Hyposis is an accepted form of therapy which helps people overcome various ailments via a relaxed mind and strategic suggestion.

People seek out hypnotherapists for a variety of reasons. These include getting help overcoming fears and phobias, weight loss, negative and traumatising memories, insomnia, bad habits, smoking, drinking, and so on.

Parents of children are finding that hypnotherapy has a positive and drug-free effect on their children.

“Hypnotherapy allows the child to gain a sense of control, increase self-esteem and competence, and reduce stress."

— Paediatrics Child Health, Great Britain


  • Hypnosis feels different to different people.
  • It’s impossible to be "stuck in a trance". A hypnotised person remains in complete control of the process.
  • In deep hypnosis you are actually more aware of your experience than in your normal waking state.
  • Deep meditation is  indentical to deep hypnosis - hence the use of meditation as a self-help tool as well.
  • The client is the expert of their own selves - the hypnotherapist act as only guides to your unconscious mind, where you can find the tools, resources suggestions you already know and may need.

Hypnosis allows the brain to bypass the conscious part of the mind. It “turns off” the desire to ask questions or take note of surroundings. Instead, the brain gains hyperawareness, a state of being in control of one’s body and/or surroundings without consciously thinking about it, allowing you to access inner resources and think about things in a new way such that you can make steps towards acheiving a desired outcome yourself.

For more complex and deeper issues, hypnotherapy is used with other modalities such as NLP and TLT, facilitating greater success.

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